KGA Denounces Anti-Asian Violence

Statement on Anti-Asian Violence in Atlanta, GA & Across America
March 19, 2021

We are deeply saddened and outraged about the violence that ensued in Georgia this week which resulted in the tragic deaths of 8 people, 6 of whom are Asian women.  The increased assaults on our Asian American communities have escalated during the pandemic because of white supremacist rhetoric “Kung Flu” and “Chinese Virus” which are deeply imbedded in America’s history of stigmatizing and othering BIPOC communities.  Such acts are deemed acceptable when it is repeatedly denied as racially motivated, silenced by the media and not condemned by leaders and institutions.

We urge you to take action by speaking out against these acts of violence, to center the voices of those who are most impacted, and support policies that institutionalize funding and equity for Black, indigenous and people of color communities. Now is the time for individuals and institutions to condemn race-based assaults on elders, women, femme folx, working class and poor people.

It is clear that Asian violence, race and gender- based hate is on the rise.  On the same day the assault took place at Asian-owned businesses in Georgia, 33 Vietnamese community members were separated from their families and deported.  These events are not happening in isolation, but are a part of a pattern of white supremacy to uphold dehumanizing systems of oppression. While these attacks are happening, our communities continue to struggle with school, housing, employment, family separations and are grieving the loss of loved ones.

We must take action and speak out so we can disrupt the violent and traumatizing cycles that uphold white supremacy, patriarchy, capitalism and class.

For over two decades our organization has developed the leadership of Southeast Asian women and youth of color and we are no stranger to violence and trauma.  Our very first campaign in the late 90’s addressed the overwhelming instances of sexual harassment that teenaged Southeast Asian women faced from their peers and schools. It has been our mission to center the leadership of young women, so that they can be empowered leaders in the work to dismantle racism, patriarchy, ageism, and classism. Furthermore, our families have had to survive through many forms of violence from the genocide in our homeland, to the war waged on poor people who live in systemically under-resourced but over-policed neighborhoods.

Our communities deserve to live with dignity. We deserve to live in an environment free from any form of violence to our bodies, minds and spirits- most especially during a global health crisis, when each of our health is connected to and impacts our collective recovery.

Centering community care in this moment means uplifting those most impacted, speaking out against these injustices and to be part of the solution that roots out systemic oppression and breaks cycles of violence, intergenerational trauma and poverty. 


Our collective actions are bigger than fear, hate and division.  We deserve to determine our lives, communities, and future!  Here are some immediate ways to take action and be part of the solution:

Donate to organizations working on the ground in Atlanta, Georgia & sign-on to support their community demands:

Asian American Advancing Justice- Atlanta: 

National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum- Atlanta:

Donate to support victims, their families as well as AAPI organizations

Report AAPI hate (available in 11 AAPI languages)


Safety Tips in 11 AAPI Languages

Resource for families Facing Deportation to Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam

Confidential 24/7 helpline for survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault accessible in multiple API languages |  1-800- GET-HELP or 1-800-339-3940

LA County guide to information, resources and services including hate/ bullying prevention, mental health support, Covid19 Resources & more |  Dial 2-1-1

Long Beach mental health resources

562-570-INFO or 562-570-4636

Bystander intervention trainings to stop Anti-Asian/ American & xenophobic Harassment:

What is disaggregated data?

Hub for AAPI Data



Defend Ethnic Studies Petition by Arab Resource & Organizing Center

Asian American and Pacific Islander Coalition Helping Achieve Racial and Gender Equity. (2019). Can you see me? School culture and climate for California’s AAPI youth. [Fact sheet] from Southeast Asia Resource Action  Center Retrieved from

Every School Every Community: Funding the Future of Learning by the Partnership for the Future of Learning California

Learn more about the Long Beach Invest in Youth Campaign

Volunteer with Khmer Girls in Action



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