Invest in Community Power during Asian Pacific American Heritage Month!

During this month of May, we hope to bring our community together by being part of the Give In May campaign to raise funds for nonprofits like ours in honor of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month. 

Your support will help sustain our work in developing the leadership of Southeast Asian women and youth of color to win racial, gender and economic justice in our Long Beach community and beyond!

Since our first Give in May fundraiser last year, we’ve witnessed an increased need for long-term, structural investments in AAPI organizations working with vulnerable communities disproportionately impacted by COVID-19, intergenerational poverty, systemic racism and sexism.

Critical to COVID-19-recovery is strengthening the institutions in our AAPI communities that provide mutual aid, culturally-informed care, voter education and mobilization, and develop grassroots leadership to win progressive policies.

Leaders in our organization, just like all youth, play an essential role in our communities. Within this last year, youth leaders outreached to family and community members who may not understand how to navigate COVID-19 prevention and recovery and mobilized families to vote, complete the 2020 Census, and help pass a ballot initiative set to increase structural funding for youth, racial justice and climate resiliency programs in our city.

Youth have always been at the forefront of radical, momentous change. And it is young people who will lead us into a new culture and practice of co-governance. This generation has the tools, solutions, and commitment to determine how we might govern differently as a society. 

With your support we can continue to build and train leaders to co-create and co-govern alongside city leaders to ensure youth and their families have the support and resources they need to overcome challenges and thrive.

When our communities lead and shape budgets and policies, we build a culture of care, we redefine collective safety to optimize opportunities and prevention (not punishment), and we protect a multiracial democracy so that those who are systematically disenfranchised and most impacted by racial capitalism are the ones creating solutions to the systemic barriers we face.

In celebration of Asian Pacific Heritage Month, help KGA reach our fundraising goal and sustain the necessary work ahead!

Here’s how you can support:

Thank you so much for your support in investing in youth and long-term leaders who are ready to build community power today!

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