Khmer Girls in Action is a community-based organization whose mission is to build a progressive and sustainable Long Beach community that works for gender, racial and economic justice led by Southeast Asian young women.


Our vision is a safe, healthy and just world where all people are free from oppression and are able to determine their lives and communities.


401733_330157540389139_1088609696_n“Since joining KGA I had more confidence in myself. I have been a part of Yellow Lounge, a showcase where we shared our stories through performances. At first I had doubts about performing, but I thought that if I did it would be great to reach out to people and tell them that violence is never the key to answering problems. It was hard for me preparing for Yellow Lounge because I felt really nervous and afraid.  Although I was nervous I got through it because I knew that I was capable of doing it. When I was on stage I felt like I was on top of the world, sharing my story with a powerful voice.“  -Mary Sem, Youth Organizer

IMG_5316“What I’ve learned ever since I joined KGA is that I have the ability to become a leader in my community. We can make changes for a healthy future if we unite to fight for what’s right. I’ve been making changes by going door-to-door in the community that surrounds my high school, and collecting data on issues of health that people face in their day to day lives. During my door knockings I met an elderly woman in a wheel chair who was an army veteran. As she told her story she pointed out that it’s hard for her to go to the doctor because she barely had transportation to get there and when she could she had to pay an enormous fee for the ride there and back. After her story she asked us, “Why is it hard to try and get transportation to the places that can help you?”  I was overwhelmed with sadness by her story.  I realized that I can be that leader to fight for accessible healthcare to start us off on the road to a healthier future.” -Kevin Teav, Youth Organizer