Community Organizing
Our organizing work builds from our program components to provide opportunities for the community to use their collective power and create institutional change. KGA believes that building the political analysis of our members to understand the complexities of national policies that attack immigrants, people of color, poor families, women, and young people contribute to building knowledge and power of the community to fight and advocate for justice within the context of improving their lives and the communities they live in. The focus is not just on individual behavior change, but systematic change and approaching this change in a comprehensive manner through our organizing model that incorporates the strength of youth, gender, culture, and community.

Leadership Development
KGA believes in the leadership of Southeast Asian youth to create social change in and outside of their community. We recognize that young women of color are often marginalized in social justice movements; therefore, we invest in building young women’s leadership, strength, and voice to be leaders in this struggle.  We take a comprehensive approach to our leadership development to build the capacity of our high school members to understand how their physical, emotional, and mental well-being is influenced by political, social, cultural, and economic factors.  Along with the development of critical thinking and exposure to social justice organizing, KGA pays particular attention to fostering a positive self-image, healthy well-being, and supportive relationships among our members.