Grassroots Community Organizing to Achieve Social Change

We recognize that marginalized communities face multiple levels of oppression.  We believe the root causes of their oppression must be dismantled.  We value building local collective power to struggle, take risk and organize for systemic change to achieve equity and justice.

Community Linkages and Engagement

We believe the health of a community is connected to the well-being of other local, national, and global economies.  We believe that coalitions and alliances are vital to creating change.  We seek solidarity and community collaborations with a cross-section of groups that work on a diverse range of gender, racial, and economic justice issues.

Full Participation of Young Women at All Levels of the Organization

We value young women’s strength, herstory, creativity and expertise that they bring to the organization.  We encourage and nurture the perspectives and participation of young women in all levels of decision-making and board membership.  We believe in the leadership of both Khmer and Southeast Asian young women to create social change in and outside of their community.

Self Determination for Marginalized Communities

We value community knowledge and believe that those impacted by the issues are most qualified to lead and determine the solutions and strategies for strengthening the conditions of their community.

Wellness and Healing

We believe in creating a culture of wellness and healing in our individual lives and community in order to achieve social justice.  We recognize the importance of practicing forgiveness, reflection, appreciation and compassion in our relationship with each other in our work.

Safety and Freedom from Violence

We believe that all people have the right to live in an environment free from any form of violence to their bodies, minds and spirits.  We value the development of healthy communication and relationships in our personal, community and organizational lives.