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Lian Cheun, Executive Director

Lian Cheun,
Executive Director,

Lian is a 1.5 generation refugee from Oakland, CA. She grew up in the Bay Area and has spent over a decade working in low-income communities of color. Lian started out as a youth organizer on the Kids First! Campaign and has since worked for funding for youth programs, fought for educational and health justice, volunteered and trained for numerous GOTV efforts with the Alameda County Labor Council, and most recently fought for workers’ rights regionally and internationally. In 2007, Lian helped Migrant Forum in Asia organize the very first regional, migrant domestic workers’ assembly.  Lian believes in fighting for our self-determination as women, as workers, and as creators of knowledge and culture in our communities. She was also the former director of the Movement Activist Apprenticeship Program (MAAP) at the Center for Third World Organizing (CTWO). In 2014, Lian was appointed to the President’s Advisory Commission on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders. When Lian is not working, she enjoys yoga, dog training, and cooking with her partner.


Sophya Chum, Community Organizer

Sophya Chhiv,
Program Director,

Sophya is a 2nd generation Khmer American living in Long Beach, CA. She is a founding member of Khmer Girls in Action. Sophya has been involved with KGA for over 10 years and has seen the organization grow in many different ways. Her commitment to herself and her community is to work with young women on the issues of immigrant and refugee rights and reproductive justice. She believes in empowering communities to lead and fight for social justice through community organizing and movement building. Sophya believe that young people bring a different energy, purity, and perspective into the work and enjoys every moment smiling, laughing and learning with them.


Ashley Uyeda, Community Organizer

Ashley Uyeda,
Organizing Director,

Ashley Uyeda is a fourth generation mixed race Japanese American who joined KGA in July 2008. Originally from the Bay area, she received her Bachelor’s Degree in American Studies at UC Santa Cruz before moving to Los Angeles. In school, she worked with a student-led outreach and retention center for students of color to support them in accessing and succeeding in higher education. A Public Allies-Los Angeles alumni of 2007, Ashley worked with Southern Californians for Youth supporting Los Angeles based Youth Organizing organizations. Through her work experience, her passion and commitment to youth and social justice has been cultivated with a particular focus on empowerment and leadership development of low-income youth of color. Ashley believes that youth of color are essential and critical to building our movements for social justice, and enjoys working with them because on their energy, honesty, and hope for the future.


Nupur Behera, Program Coordinator

Nupur Behera,
Program Coordinator,

Nupur is a second generation Oriya-American from Cerritos, CA. Despite spending most of her childhood distracting students in her mother’s classical Indian dance classroom, she officially began working with youth during her sophomore year of high school through local after school programs. Nupur is a graduate of UC Berkeley and has continued serving as a youth advocate through various groups in California, NYC, and abroad. Nupur believes in the care and healing of youth of color through listening, storytelling, and youth-led activism. She is eager to find ways to combine art, social justice, and community care.


Maggie Quan, Program Coordinator

Maggie Quan,
Program Coordinator,

Maggie is a second-generation Chinese-Vietnamese American from Northeast Los Angeles. She graduated from UC San Diego with a degree in Human Development and a minor in Ethnic Studies. As a student leader, she worked to increase access to higher education for Southeast Asian youth in San Diego, as well as organized to demand the increased support of culturally responsive mental health services, the creation of a Critical Asian American Studies Minor and an API/Middle Eastern/Desi American Research Center (all still in the works), and co-founded Asian American Womxn Time, a space for Asian American women to reclaim space and time together. Maggie is passionate about building community power towards social justice, and believes that youth organizing is critical to the movement. Through challenge, support, healing and love, she hopes to let herself and the folks she works with know that they are enough.


Chrissy Sam, Office Administrator

Chrissy Sam,
Office Administrator,

Chrissy is a second generation Cambodian- American, born and raised in the city of Long Beach in the heart of Cambodia Town. Living in such a diverse city has exposed Chrissy to different disparities and injustices at a young age. It was not until she got involved with Khmer Girls in Action at age 14 that she was able to understand the issues and challenges her community faces and how to create change. Chrissy learned how to build community power, to have a voice, and to share her experiences in the movement for social justice. She hopes to strengthen her political analysis around race, class, and gender so that she can better find solutions for the Cambodian community and larger Southeast Asian and API communities.


Amy Horn, Junior Youth Organizer

Amy Horn,
Junior Youth Organizer,

Amy started off as a member in 2003-2004 and continued to participate and volunteer with KGA after graduation. She was born and raised in Long Beach and is an active member in the Khmer Community. She is the daughter of a first generation refugee from Cambodia who still faces struggles every day. The connection she has to her people is her relationships she builds with the youth. She believes that there is nothing more powerful than to be guided and set up for success. As a member, Khmer Girls in Action saw so much potential in her and believed that she could make a change and by setting her up with the right tools, she was able to be who she is today! Her journey continues and joined the team in August 2016 and am more excited to be able to give, teach, and build a bond with the youth as KGA has done for her.


Jennefer Heng, Event Coordinator

Jennefer Heng,
Event Coordinator,

Jennefer is a second generation Cambodian-American from Long Beach, California. She is an alumni of Khmer Girls in Action and was a member from 2005-2008. Her politicization and leadership development began with KGA where she soon took on the role of a Youth Organizer, the first of its kind in KGA. She later obtained her degree in International Relations with a minor in Africana Studies from San Francisco State University. After nearly ten years in the Bay Area, she felt it was only right for her to return and invest back in the city that raised her. She continues to learn and practice radical love and healing and is committed in bringing forward the stories, the struggles, and voices of today’s youth of color. Her experiences have always pointed her back to her values: community, culture, and justice. Dedicating her life to social change is her form of resistance and she hopes to continue working in various capacities centered around helping marginalized communities.


Corleone Ham, Khmer Justice Fellow

Corleone Ham,
Khmer Justice Fellow,

Corleone has been a member of Khmer Girls in Action since 2011, when he was a student at Wilson High School. As a youth leader, he helped start the Every Student Matters Campaign in Long Beach and Brothers, Sons, Selves Coalition in Los Angeles County. He helped in the passing of the School Climate Bill of Rights in Los Angeles Unified School District, a historic win for urban schools in California and the passing of the School Board Resolution in Long Beach. Corleone graduated from Long Beach City College with an Associates in Social Science with Honors, an achievement he owes to the support and strength of KGA and his community. Corleone is currently completing his Bachelors  in International Studies, at UC Irvine. He used to be KGA’s YMEP Program Coordinator, working with high school male identified youth to help develop their critical and cultural lens and worked to help create strong foundations for young men to reach their full potential and succeed in school and life and has transitioned. He currently is a Khmer Justice Fellow for KGA and hopes to continue to share his passion for education, art, and social justice through his passion of Film and Cinematography.



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