COVID-19 Resources

Coronavirus COVID-19 Information and Updates:

Covid-19 Video (Khmer Translation)

Covid-19 Text (Khmer Translation)

City Updates on Covid-19 (Long Beach, CA)
LBUSD Updates on Covid-19

County Updates on Covid-19 (Los Angeles County)

Statewide Updates on Covid-19 (California)

World Health Organization Updates

Corona Virus Data
Accessible Internet Resource List

Physical, Emotional & Mental Health Resources

Testing for Covid-19 (Long Beach, CA) – Free Testing no matter citizenship, documentation status

Healthcare Access for Undocumented Folks

Resources for Survivors of Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence

1-800-339-3940 Available 24/7

1-800-339-3940 Available 24/7

1-800-799-7233 Available 24/7
Text LOVEIS to 22522

Safety Planning Guide

Resources for Emotional Support & Well-Being

LGBTQI Resources

Reporting Anti-Asian Racism & Xenophobia



Other AAPI Languages:

Food Resources

LBUSD Updated Meal Location (Khmer)

LBUSD Updated Meal Location (English & Spanish)

Cal Fresh

Food Bank Pantry Locator (LA County)
Food Finder Location

Food Pantry Locator

City Wide Grocer Guide

Financial & Economic Support & Safetynet

Corona Virus Stimulus – Financial Support for Individuals:

FAQ on COVID-19 Stimulus Checks

File for Unemployment if you have COVID-19

Benefits for Workers, Caretakers and Family Members Impacted by COVID-19

Tenant Protections- Long Beach City

APA Worker Protections

Resources for Community Members Facing Detainment and Deportation

Know Your Rights & Legal Support

Know Your Rights Video


Last updated on April 24th, 2020